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Avi G

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Sorry we all have had the dreaded SCHOOL... In other words the front page is now "streaknote" I don't know why I just did it. Also the band is sort of still here, but now I'm the only one who actually makes music and uploads... So yeah.

sincerely to those who still listen,
Avi G

Tyler D

internal securities director, campaign manager, recorder

pretty cool

Avi G

communications director, meeting planner

also pretty cool

Cool Dude

album organizer, creative planner

Cool Dude would like to remain anonymous.

We are three kids that like to make music. These songs were made during the corona virus lockdown of 2020. we hope to continue to write more songs after this pandemic is over.

sincerly -
Tyler D, Avi G, and Cool Dude on 5/27/2020

  • Novato, California, United States

The results are in!

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ideas forum.

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Group Albums

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Nik G's new report!

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